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Painting your Birdhouses
Painting your birdhouse is a great idea. Just make sure you follow some simple guidelines to ensure a safe home for your feathered friends...

All the Specs for Building Birdhouses
Measurements to use when building houses for lots of types of birds...

Wood to Use to Build Birdhouses
What kind of wood is best to build birdhouses? Find out here...

Tool check of list for building your own Bird House or Feeder
Make sure you get the job done right by having the right equipment when you start...

Placing your birdhouses
How many bird houses do I put in my back yard??? Check out our chart to see how many you should put up.

Which birds nest in bird houses?
Check out our list of nesting birds. This will give you the bird's eyeview on what type of birds will come and make themselves at home.